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There are many types of buttons for customize.

Products have world-class certification standards.

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Production standards


The products of KTP Accessories Co., Ltd. are certified by OEKO-TEX to ensure that our products are high quality, safe and environmental friendly.



Customers choose to view products in a catalog on the website. or will be downloaded onto the computer You can hold your smartphone and view it as well. and can follow KTP's various products at all times

Each type of button

Baby & Kid wear

We ensure safe products will be delivered to your beloved ones with nickel free, needle detector passed and restriction of harmful chemical substances. From material selection, production process, and product application, all are made for safety. Certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I.

Sport & Active wear

Enjoy your moment and be focused on your performance, we assure a durable and quality garment fasteners. Waterproof, uric acid resistant, and climate resistant are great attributes of K.T.P. products. These properties are proved by professional laboratory agents.

Casual & Fashion wear

Be fashionable with environmental responsibility, all K.T.P. products are made by socially and environmentally friendly methods. You can be confident with an apparel attached K.T.P. products and being a part that makes the world a better place.